Specialised Courses

Over and above the standard courses run by the Treasure Beach education staff, we also offer the following courses on request: Energy and Climate Change, Urban Study and Sustainability Commons, Leadership and Teambuilding and Pemaculture Gardening.
In response to our ever‐changing environment, the Treasure Beach Education centre is always in the process of designing new courses and programmes. Should you wish to cover a particular topic which is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly work with you to design a programme that will suit your particular


One of the greatest threats we face today is that of Climate Change. As a response to this issue, Treasure Beach has designed an Energy and Climate Change course to facilitate a holistic understanding of this issue. One of the core aims of the course is to provide participants with the necessary skills to take action to reduce the impacts of climate change. Practical activities are the focus of this course such as an energy audit and building a solar cooker. This course can take place at a venue of your choice such as your school or the Treasure Beach centre.


The (D)urban Study: Sustainable Strategies for Green Cities course has been developed to enable participants to know, understand and recognize more sustainable strategies that could be used in cities. Further than this the purpose is to give participants a holistic understanding of what sustainable living is and the factors that influence sustainable living more specifically in ‘green cities’. In this way, it is hoped that participants will adopt the strategies and practices discussed, so that they may live more sustainably. The course includes observations of the urban environment from different points, investigations into waste management issues and urban environmental solutions. Please note this is a ‘mobile’ course, therefore please ensure you have transport to travel to the various points of interest.


The youth are our future and we need to build responsible, capable leaders for the future. Leaders are always a part of a team, therefore teambuilding forms an important component of this course. Various ice‐breakers and other activities help to build the team and within these teambuilding activities, the participants have a chance to practice their leadership skills. The course involves a mix of leadership presentations and ‘challenges’ to develop the participant’s knowledge and skills for leadership. Please note, this is a full day course and we invite you to speak to our education officers so that a programme can be designed to fit your specific requirements.


Permaculture is an approach to designing and establishing a sustainable food garden. Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature through observation and copying of nature. It is also a way of living and growing food. The term permaculture comes from a combination of two words: permanent and agriculture. In this course participants have an opportunity to learn about this concept at Treasure Beach’s “outdoor” classroom and food garden. The course looks at the ethics and principles of permaculture, designing a garden and practical activities including planting.